Staff Readiness

Get Training

ParishSOFT offers its CN-FD22 My Own Church and Administration course as both an on-demand video and as a live, instructor-guided, hands-on Virtual Classroom course. You’ll want to ensure that the person or people handling the administrative side of the My Own Church system complete this training.

Either view the video here or follow the instructions below to sign up for the 60-minute Virtual Classroom course. Registration is easy:

  1. Visit the Virtual Classroom Schedule & Register form.
  2. Check the ConnectNow Family Directory box in the list of suites, and then check My Own Church box in the list of products.
  3. Select the date for the CN-FD22 My Own Church and Administration class that works best for you.
  4. Complete the form and submit!

Set up Your My Own Church Website

The Virtual Classroom CN-FD22 My Own Church and Administration walks you through the administrative setup that you’ll need to complete before you invite members to create accounts.

You may also find the User Guide for Church Administrators helpful.

We recommend adding the following content to your website to make it easy for members to find My Own Church and get fast answers to the most common questions:

  • Add a My Own Church button to your church website’s homepage (or a landing page with a simple URL). Link the button to your My Own Church parishioner portal. (See assets provided.)
  • Add a FAQ page or pdf near the My Own Church button on your website to address common questions. (See prepared FAQ page.)