Goals for Your Church

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Before you ask members to use My Own Church, know where you stand today and what you want to achieve through the My Own Church system. Be sure your staff and pastor fully understand and are excited about your effort so they can speak knowledgeably about why accurate records are essential to your ability to serve the needs of the faithful.

Where Do You Stand Today?

Compile some statistics from your ParishSOFT software and the results of your communication efforts, for example:

  • How many registered families are in your database?
  • Are there members you never hear from anymore—what’s happened to them?
  • Who is participating in church life but is not registered?
  • How much is returned mail costing your church?
  • How many blank or outdated email addresses are in your database?

Get your staff together and get their input. You may gain insight into how better information can translate to administrative and pastoral care benefits.

Where Do You Want to Be?

With staff input, establish some goals for your My Own Church program, for example:

  • 80% of families review and update their information using My Own Church
  • Accurate email addresses for 90% of our members
  • Accurate number of registered families
  • Reduced costs for casualty insurance, mailings, etc.
  • Accurate spellings of all member names
  • Become the parish home for non-registered families in our midst
  • Effective communication with all members
  • Better prepared and equipped pastoral team, in touch with faith formation and important life events of all members
  • Automated management of minister availability and preferences1

Remember that My Own Church does more than help you achieve an accurate headcount. Accurate census information translates to building a church family.

Don’t Assume

While you’ll want to keep your messaging simple as you launch your program, understanding the detail of what you aim to achieve can help you connect your messaging with the ministry of your church. Your average member may have no idea what it takes to keep a church community running smoothly. Some folks out there still think the pastor works only on Sundays. So when you ask them for their information, be sure to let them know why it’s important that they respond. Wrapping a campaign theme around your message can help.

1 Available if your church uses ConnectNow Ministry Scheduler