Campaign Themes & Incentives

Campaign Themes

Good messaging, tied with your church mission, can help you ask for member participation, explain why they should participate, and make members feel great about participating. Adapt the campaign themes here as you like, or develop your own and share them with us.

General Census Updates

  • You don’t have to travel by donkey to Bethlehem to be counted. Just log in.
  • Log in. Be counted.
  • Stay in touch.
  • Help us serve smarter.
  • Paper forms with postage: $500. Data entry for 750 families: $350.
    Updating your own record in My Own Church: PRICELESS!
    or Making sure your name is spelled correctly in the church records: PRICELESS!
  • Families know how to reach each other. Make sure your [Church Name] family is in the loop!
  • Save a tree! Update your info online!
  • Be the master of your own ministry schedule. Just log in!

Life Events

  • New home? Update your address on [MOC button / link]
  • Vacation booked? Log your dates in My Own Church.
  • New family member? Add his/her record to [MOC button / link]

Incentives for Member Participation

An incentive program can help to get members excited about using the new system and give them a little extra encouragement to set up their accounts. If you choose to offer prizes of any kind, it’s best to introduce those incentives when you first introduce the My Own Church site in order to give equal opportunities to your members.

Prize Ideas!

Award scaled-value prizes at intervals throughout your initial My Own Church implementation. This can encourage your members to act right away and update their census information promptly. For example, if you aim to achieve your My Own Church goal within 90 days, divide the contest into three periods. Families who create new accounts and review their information within the first 30 days are eligible to win the grand prize. Award smaller prizes at the 60-day and 90-day milestones. You could also make prizes of a similar value work for every award.

Prizes do not need to be expensive. Get creative and ask for donations of goods and services. Here are a few suggestions to inspire you:

  • Free yard cleanup by the youth group
  • Car detailing
  • Celebrate the winner as “Family of the Month!” (Introduce them at Mass, feature them in a print write-up or short video that highlights their interests and the ministries in which they serve.)
  • Overnight stay at a local destination or spa
  • Gift certificate for a local restaurant, parish family dinner, waterpark, pool, gym
  • Kindle or iPad
  • Tickets to a sporting event
  • Catholic apparel (with your campaign theme or church logo & tagline)
  • Donation made in winner’s name to a charity (offer a few choices)

Marketing via Your Incentive Program

Making a splash about recognizing the winners is great publicity in itself. If your winning family (or any participating family, for that matter) is willing, record a short video clip in which they say why they think My Own Church is good for your church and what they like about it. You can shape the script a bit, but encourage them to speak briefly but from the heart. Collect the proper release form for video / photo publication and share on your website and social media channels.

Pair contest recognition with a short update on your goal level and the number of families you still need to sign on. Remind people how much time remains to help the church and have a chance to be a winner. Recap the instructions so it’s clear what they need to do:

Visit [].
Hit the [description of link/button on your website].
Create an account.