Giving Guarantee

We are excited to help you ignite generosity at your church with ParishSOFT Giving. Get started now with the Giving Guarantee and watch your donations support grow. Below we outline how the program works and what you need to do to get started.

Once you are enrolled, if your church does not see a 5% increase in giving within 12 months, we will refund your monthly software fees.*

Program Overview

ParishSOFT guarantees your church that you will see (at minimum) a 5% increase in annual giving within their first 12 months of using our giving system.  Once you become a ParishSOFT Giving customer and are ready to receive online donations, you are not automatically enrolled in this program, but signing up is easy.

How to Opt In

Once your church has provided all the necessary paperwork and has your giving web page set-up, you can opt-in to the giving guarantee when you first log into ParishSOFT Giving.

To enroll in the Giving Guarantee program, click the Opt In Now button and you will be prompted to fill out information to be enrolled in the program.  Once the form is submitted, our Giving Success coaches will be informed and who will work with your church to ensure that you are aware of the requirements and are meeting all the necessary requirements to be eligible for the Giving Guarantee.

Not Ready to Opt In Now? No Problem!

There will be an “X” in the upper right-hand corner it will opt them out of the program. They can click away from the message if your church is not yet ready to opt-in. You can always opt-in later if you prefer.

How to Qualify for the Giving Guarantee

  • Your church must use ParishSOFT Giving as the parish’s sole online giving provider.
  • Your church must provide current giving levels in an approved format.
    • Ex: Certified copy of exports from church management database, financial accounting software, and/or Profit & Loss statements.
  • Your church must launch the parish’s giving account within 60 days of integration (giving link added to your church’s website, etc.).
  • At least one person from your church must attend at least 1 Giving Success Program coaching call within 60 days of integration and adhere to Giving Success plan.
  • Your church must complete at least 1 email marketing campaign to existing and potential donors to promote giving.
  • Your church must keep ParishSOFT informed of any changes that could affect the parish’s account (including but not limited to the church closing, change in admins, etc.).
  • Your church must remain a ParishSOFT customer during the length of the ParishSOFT Giving Guarantee.
  • Your church must be a new ParishSOFT Giving customer or a previous ParishSOFT Giving customer who has not used ParishSOFT Giving for at least 12 months.

Still Have Questions?

Does your parish have any questions about ParishSOFT’s Giving Guarantee? If so, we are here to help. Just email or call 866-930-4774 x6 to get all your questions answered.

* To qualify for a refund, your church must adhere to all requirements and remain a ParishSOFT Giving customer for at least 12 months.  If after those 12 months you have met all the requirements and haven’t increased your annual giving by at least 5%, we will refund your money no questions asked.  It’s as simple as that!