The ParishSOFT Advantage

ParishSOFT works to support ministry through better data and a common technology platform.

How ParishSOFT Works

As parish staff log into their secure web-based ParishSOFT programs and make updates, their records are available in real time in your ParishSOFT diocesan programs. As a true, single database solution, ParishSOFT delivers accurate information almost instantly from every parish in your diocese — without the need for any separate “sync” or “import/export” processes common to systems designed with earlier-generation technology.

Single Database Solution

With ParishSOFT, records never need to be entered in multiple locations. Reporting is available on-demand and in real time. At the diocesan level, this means all your offices — from formation and evangelization to finance and development — have records that are always as accurate as the parish’s data. For your parishes, ParishSOFT ensures that a single record for each family and an individual member is available not just for the parish census but for religious education, ministry participation, giving, communications . . . just about all of the places where people and the church connect. And ParishSOFT makes it happen in one platform — without any separate “sync” or “import/export” processes common to older technology solutions.

Centralized Training, Best Practices, Policies, and Service

Having all parishes on the same productivity tools gives dioceses the ability to really help parishes like never before. ParishSOFT lets your diocese provide every parish staff and pastor with the administrative tools they need for all their ministries. And with everyone on a common platform, it’s much easier for the diocese to develop training, implement sound policies and best practices, and provide ongoing support.

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Many of our users tell us that one of the delights of moving to ParishSOFT is the strong culture of collaboration that develops among parish and diocesan staff. Not only do parishes appreciate having someone at the diocese to call when they have a question, they quickly learn the value of exchanging ideas and information with their peers at other parishes. And, of course, our customer service team is standing by to serve them with live-answer support.

Ideal for Small and Large Parishes

ParishSOFT serves parishes of all sizes, bringing the power and ease of today’s web applications to all the places where ministry happens. In parishes with many staff members, the system’s robust permission system and modular design allow each person to have access to exactly the areas of the system they need to do their work, while keeping private information secure. For small or remote parishes and missions, ParishSOFT makes it possible to administer and support those locations remotely, while preserving the unique identities and, in some cases, ensuring the longevity of those parishes and missions. Many Catholic dioceses have streamlined parish administration and accounting even further by having staff manage clusters of parishes or by providing accounting or parish management as a service at the diocese. In these situations, ParishSOFT provides the common platform and tools while keeping each parish (or school) database independent and secure.

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Real-Time Information Empowers the Diocese and Serves Parishes

ParishSOFT Diocesan Suite allows you to manage census, appeals, online giving, data mining, and reporting, dioceses gain real-time parishioner information to power formation and evangelization, finance and development, and pastoral care efforts. Accurate data is available on-demand identifies trends and opportunities, and it helps both parishes and the diocese to increase the effectiveness of ministry outreach, evangelization and appeals efforts. So whether you’re looking to support a parish that is struggling with low participation numbers or to extend an invitation from the bishop to a formation program designed for parents of newly baptized children, there’s no need to ask and wait for each parish to send you a list of names and addresses. With ParishSOFT, the data is always available anytime, from any device with internet access.

New Possibilities

With ParishSOFT, parishes and dioceses are better informed to do the work of the Church. Accurate data identifies trends, including pastoral care opportunities, and it increases the effectiveness of ministry outreach, evangelization, and appeals efforts. Would your bishop like to send a card to all the newly confirmed in his diocese? Invite parents of newly baptized children to a special event? Support a parish that is struggling with low participation numbers? In ParishSOFT, there’s no need to ask and wait for each parish to send you a list of names and addresses. The data is yours to pull and use as you please – and from the convenience of access from any Internet accessible device, either in the parish office or at home.