Mobile Technology for the Catholic Church

Powerful and secure browser-based solutions that parish staff can access from a web-enabled device.


ConnectNow Family Suite


ConnectNow Accounting Suite

Technology for the Church of Today and Tomorrow

ConnectNow is the technology platform that delivers true browser-based church management and accounting solutions to the Catholic Church. Unlike hosted desktop solutions developed on older architecture during the days when PCs were permanent fixtures in the parish office, the ConnectNow Family Suite and ConnectNow Church Accounting Suite were developed specifically for the web. And the advantages for parish staff are great!

  • Work securely from anywhere you have Internet access, on a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet
  • Never worry about backups — we back up your records on replicated servers at two fully redundant data centers, and you CAN’T accidentally delete your parish database
  • Always have the latest version, for everyone on your staff — we run automatic updates for you
  • Work more efficiently with faster workflows and new functionality available in ConnectNow web apps but not in classic desktop software
  • Get more from your data and productivity tools, with access from all the places where your ministry work happens

Compare ConnectNow with Hosted Desktop Solutions

Going “hosted” was a great solution for its time. But accessing your desktop software over the web simply can’t deliver the performance of a true system designed for the web. ConnectNow’s web solutions offer a far superior experience to hosted.

The meaning of “The Cloud” has evolved for church management and accounting systems. Just a short time ago, moving your software and data to “the cloud” meant remotely accessing programs originally designed for local desktop installations via the Internet. Today, true cloud solutions are designed for the web — not the desktop — and the differences and advantages are important for parishes to understand as they evaluate the technology they use to support their ministries.

Keeps Your Data Safe

ConnectNow delivers security that typically isn’t practical when a parish manages its own databases and hardware onsite.

While a locally housed system may be susceptible to known hazards like natural disasters, fire, flooding, theft, and more, ConnectNow protects against all of those threats and ensures that even if the unthinkable happens at your parish, your parish records will always be safe and secure. Hit the button below to learn more about ConnectNow’s data encryption and security.

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Not New Technology, but a Proven Platform

Since 2008, ParishSOFT’s ConnectNow has been the trusted technology platform for thousands of churches using ParishSOFT’s Online Giving service and our ConnectNow Church Accounting suite.

When it came time to develop a browser-based church management suite, our users made it clear: they wanted to manage their census, sacraments, religious education, offering, and ministries on ConnectNow. And many staff at the 8,500+ parishes we serve wanted to be sure we kept the functionality they love in their classic desktop programs.

With that in mind, the ConnectNow Family Suite has been redeveloped from the ground up to blend the time-tested functionality of our desktop software with new tools and smarter, faster ways to handle the day-to-day administrative tasks and stay connected with people. Mobile tools to support Catholic ministry are here to stay. Learn more.