ConnectNow Transition

Planning Your Transition from ParishSOFT Desktop to the ConnectNow Family Suite

The web-based ConnectNow Family Suite of parish management applications opens a whole new world of efficiency and mobility for Catholic parish staff. Under our Functionality Comparison by Module section, we examine specific differences between the desktop and ConnectNow Family Suites.

While the ConnectNow Family Suite offers broader overall functionality when compared with our classic desktop software, there are a few instances in which desktop functionality that may be important to your parish is not yet available in ConnectNow.

How We Decide What’s in a Release

We work closely with focus groups comprising users like you to determine the most important core functionality in a product and to prioritize what goes into each release. This agile methodology lets us provide quality software that serves the most parishes right out of the gate of initial releases. Regular, subsequent releases let us deliver the next priority level of software features and enhancements directly to your browser.

We’ve documented¬†functionality recently added and coming in our next releases so that you can make an informed decision about the timing of your move to the ConnectNow platform. The pace of development in the ConnectNow Family Suite is brisk, so if you have questions, please¬†contact your ParishSOFT representative¬†with any questions.