4 Ways ParishSOFT Keeps Your Giving Organized Year-round

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A leading pain-point for parish leaders and admin members is organizing online giving information and generosity campaigns. And when you think about it, this makes sense. Online giving grew 11.4% last year, and the increase was much higher than anticipated. Plus, givers have different preferences on how they interact with the parish and tithe online. Mobile payments grew 36% in 2018 and tithing through social media apps continues to increase in popularity. Not to mention text giving, branded donation pages, and everything in between. So, it’s no wonder giving organization has become even more complex.

We know that keeping up with the numerous ways to give and communicating your message online can be overwhelming! But, getting your giving organized doesn’t have to be painful or complicated. With ParishSOFT Giving, not only do you get your online giving information and generosity campaigns organized – you keep it that way year-round. And here are 4 ways we make that happen!

1. Our reporting system is effortless to manage

Between the straightforward control panel and the customizable reports, you’ll find organizing and reviewing giving data is effortless. You can ditch the excel sheets and complex reporting systems that require numbers to be manually plugged in. With ParishSOFT Giving, the online donation information is collected and graphed for you!

All you need to do is choose the data you want to see such as canned reports based on date range. You then view and download these from the control panel or have them emailed. There are hundreds of helpful reports to choose from, and the information can be used to enhance generosity campaigns and parish fundraising events.

2. Expanding online giving features is seamless for parishes

If this is your first time offering online giving for your ministry, you may decide to start small and just go with a branded donation page. But, as you and your parish get more comfortable with online giving (and you notice tithes increase), you can incorporate more options such as the mobile giving app and text giving.

If online tithing options are already in place, consider expanding the features for special events and generosity campaigns. Giving kiosks are a great way to do this. Also, engage with your ministry about the recurring giving features. Recurring givers tithe 42% more yearly than one-time givers. The more recurring givers the parish has, the more organized you can be with forecasting and planning.

3. Removing the digital clutter occurs naturally

With a little effort on your part, you can quickly get rid of digital clutter which can be a huge distraction when getting organized. ParishSOFT Giving’s features make the process occur naturally because everything is kept in one place. Your job is simply to get rid of duplicates and information that isn’t relevant anymore.

4. Running multiple generosity campaigns at once is painless

Conjointly raising funds for more than one cause is an excellent idea because it increases giving and engagement. But, it can also be stressful to manage simultaneous giving campaigns such as a mission trip, a Mother’s Day Out program, and a new van. Simply customize the giving application to highlight the purpose behind the gifts, and givers can select what inspired them the most. Once the generosity campaigns are over, head to the control panel to run and review reports!

We encourage you to reach out to learn more about how our online giving features can keep your parish and giving organized. Call today at 866.930.4774 x6 or email parishsoftsales@parishsoft.com.

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