Church Streaming

ParishSOFT, in partnership with, is happy to announce live streaming!

Easy to use, all-in-one live streaming for parishes of all sizes.

How does live streaming work? We’re glad you asked. We’ve got a short article right here that explains it.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming isn’t just shooting a video and posting it for view at a later date.  It’s live.  It’s happening right then.  The viewers are seeing what the people at the service are seeing, at the same time.  

For those who are unable to be at mass in person, they can still participate and feel a part of their parish. Those who are homebound or in the hospital can continue to participate and people who are traveling for work or vacation can still be connected.

Are you able to archive the mass for use later?  Of course! You can even trim the recording to the beginning and end of the sermon.

Reach Beyond Your Parish with

  • No Contract
  • Live Support
  • Embed Anywhere
  • Apple TV & Roku Streaming
  • Platform Integrations
  • Viewer Analytics
  • Multi-Campus DVR
  • Audio Extraction
  • Video Trimming
  • Video Replay

Ready to Try for yourself?